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We are here to help turn innovative ideas for medical and health related products and devices into a reality.

Innovation Support Services

Health Innovation Support can guide you through the entire process, from first concept to final production of your idea. Learn more....

Intellectual Property
Exploitation, Ownership, Management and Protection. Who owns an idea? How can the idea be protected? How can an innovation be commercially exploited?
You only get one chance to make a first impression. Health Innovation Support will help you to achieve the maximum Clarity of Concept for minimum cost.
Contract Negotiation
Health Innovation Support are unique in their experience on both sides of the table when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Who We Work With

We help Regional Organisations transform the way in which Trusts interact to strengthen the Innovation Pathway.
We help individual Trusts put in place the essential foundations of a successful Innovation Pathway and then support or manage the full process.
We support individual innovators both with Trusts that already have an Innovation Process and with Trusts or other employers where there is no Intellectual Property policy in place.

Medical Devices Company

Health Innovation Support assists companies with innovative ideas wishing to develop them with the NHS, or to companies struggling with any aspect of turning an NHS innovation into a reality.

Members of the public

Health Innovation Support is here to help members of the public who have had an idea for a healthcare or medical product or device, with no charge for the initial consultation.

NHS Staff

Are you a member of staff at an NHS Trust that already has an Innovation Policy? We can guide you to the correct people within your Trust, while ensuring that their policy is fit for purpose and that your rights will be properly recognised and rewarded.
Health Innovation Support can help you establish clarity about the ownership of your idea if your Trust doesn’t have an Intellectual Property Policy or an Innovation Lead.
To turn your idea into a reality, we will either support you through the whole Innovation Pathway directly, or in partnership with your Trust.

Regional Organisations

Health Innovation Support staff were integral to the development of regional positions on confidentiality, the ownership of Intellectual Property and revenue shares between organisations and employees. The fundamental lesson was that Trusts have a huge amount to gain from trusting each other when evaluating an innovation’s potential.

NHS Trusts New to Innovation

Health Innovation Support can help demonstrate why an NHS Trust should invest in an innovation, and provide a plug-and-play Intellectual Property Policy and Pathway.
Once the pathway is in place, Health Innovation Support can assist, support or manage the whole process on behalf of the Trust.

NHS Trusts with an Established Innovation Pathway
Health Innovation Support provides an Innovation Audit of an existing Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure. Health Innovation Support also assists with any part of the Innovation Pathway, supporting existing staff, increasing capacity or even providing temporary cover for your own staff.

We Support Your Innovation

We are here to help turn innovative ideas for medical and health related products and devices into a reality. We can help you negotiate a pathway through the minefield that is Intellectual Property ownership, evaluation, protection and commercial exploitation.

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Medical Industry and Medical Devices Experience

What makes Health Innovation Support unique is our vast and varied experience with health innovations over the last few decades.

Alan McLeod, Managing Director of Health Innovation Support, is also the co-inventor of twenty-one patents and patent applications for spinal, orthopaedic and endovascular devices.