Our Innovation Services include:

Intellectual Property
Exploitation, Ownership, Management and Protection: Who owns an idea? How can the idea be protected and how can an innovation be commercially exploited?
Contract Negotiation
Health Innovation Support are unique in that they have experience on both sides of the table when it comes to negotiating contracts
You only get one chance to make a first impression. Health Innovation Support will help you to achieve the maximum Clarity of Concept for minimum cost.

Health Innovation Support has the skills, experience and professionalism to guide you through every step of the Innovation Pathway. We can help you with discrete services listed below, or guide you through the entire process, from first conception of your idea to final commercial production - it's up to you.

Google Research
Does the innovation already exist? We can improve on the search terms that have already been used.
Healthcare Benefit
Is there a clear healthcare benefit to patients or to the healthcare industry?
Commercial Viability
Could the idea be turned into a profitable reality when weighed against the healthcare benefit?

Patent Searching
Is there an obvious blocking patent? Is there both novelty and the inventive step needed for a new patent?
Clarity of Concept
This can include concept prototyping, computer aided design (CAD) drawings and even 3D prints of your innovation.
Disclosure Documents
The creation of a stand-alone document used to obtain confidential regional feedback and then to disclose the innovation to a potential licensee.

Find Potential Licensee
HIS can assist with the identification of the best possible commercial partner for your innovation.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
HIS have NDA documents and the experience to disclose enough information without giving away the innovation.
Contract negotiation
HIS has experience of being on the other side of the table which is a significant advantage when it comes to contract negotiation.